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civil war re-enactors - parade

Gettysburg Remembrance Day parade

The National Regiment (the “NR”) was formed in 1985 as a generic Federal infantry battalion of civil war re-enactors under common leadership to portray a historically accurate regiment of infantry, in all of its detail, in camp and in the field. We strive for period authenticity in drill, command structure, camp life, equipment/uniforms, etc. The National Regiment participate in various re-enactments, living histories, etc. Many of us have also been a part of a variety of movie and TV projects.  We also work with the National Park Service (NPS) at various sites.

What are Civil War re-enactors? Click here for an article with a brief overview of our hobby.

The NR has member units across the region stretching from New England, the mid-Atlantic, and Ohio and West Virginia. We have put together a list of member units with their approximate geographical locations. If you are interested in learning more to possibly join our ranks, please visit our member unit page to find a unit near you or you can send a message to the National Regiment via our ‘contact us’ page.

A few videos of the men of The National Regiment in the field:

[For more photos and videos, visit our photos/videos page]

Shenandoah ’64:

The colonel’s Challenge:

At one of The National Regiment’s living history events in Gettysburg, we participated in “The Colonel’s Challenge”. The purpose was to try to load and get 3 aimed shots off in 1-minute, like the men fighting in the Civil War were trained to do. As a group of civil war re-enactors, we obviously don’t participate in this hobby 365 days per year, so it takes some training and practice to get efficient in loading our weapons and firing them.  Video courtesy of Legomaker961.

An Open Letter To The national regiment:

This past year has been one unlike any of us have ever experienced, but it looks like we may be approaching the end of a long tunnel. Even though we have not taken the field as a unit for the better part of a year, I want to take a moment to assure everyone that, in spite of all the vicissitudes we’ve faced, the National Regiment is as strong and vibrant as it ever was: in some ways, maybe even stronger.

One measure of the resilience of an organization is its ability to adjust, adapt and improvise to meet any obstacles put in front of it, both collectively and as individuals. I believe this past year has tested our mettle and proved our toughness. Can’t come together for our annual meeting? Have it virtually and carry on with business. Can’t meet in person for the School of Instruction? Find the people in house who can put together presentations, adapt them to multi-media platforms, and have the people with the know-how to put it out to the membership across the country.

For the two-day event we had over seventy people log in at one time or another and the School went on virtually (no pun intended) flawlessly. Impressive, in my opinion. And, not stopping there, for the benefit of those who may have been unable to attend in real time, we had the people and resources to record the programs and put them out on the National Regiment Facebook page for everyone to profit from the information.

I don’t want to say the plague was a good thing, but had it not struck, I’m not sure that any of these avenues would have opened up to us and been developed, certainly to as quickly as they were. So I want to assure everyone both in and out of the National Regiment that not only have we weathered the storm, but we’re coming out the other side stronger and more versatile than ever.

As we once again take the field and move forward, I have every confidence that the men of the National Regiment will face any challenges that may face us with the same “can do” attitude we have exhibited in the past and overcome any obstacles we may encounter in the future.

Looking forward to seeing you all under canvas soon, I remain, proudly,

Tom Downes
Colonel Commanding,
National Regiment

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