Just a sampling of photos and videos from some recent events that National Regiment units have attended. To see larger versions of the images, you can download a particular photo and view it on your computer. To see more of our videos, please visit The NR’s YouTube page.

Event-specific photo/video pages:
Landis Valley 2021
Cedar Creek (2021)
Shenandoah ’64 (2021)
Antietam 160 (2022)
Gettysburg 160 (2023)

Dress Parade – Gettysburg Remembrance Day Parade – 2021 – One of the things that differentiates the National Regiment from other units is that we do Dress Parade at our larger events including annually at the Gettysburg Remembrance Parade. During Dress Parade at Remembrance Day, we honor members who have died since the prior parade and we also award our Solider of the Year and La Médaille “Esprit de Corps” awards.

National Regiment’s 2021 School Of Instruction Videos – due to covid, the NR’s annual School of Instruction was done virtually in 2021 and the sessions were recorded. Below are 7 of the recorded sessions:
Reproductions – Buying the Right Stuff

Civil War Artillery

Battle of Hagerstown

Civil War Correct Cookware

Mounted Officers and Enlisted Men

Virtual Tour of East Cavalry Field

One Regiment – The 100th PVI

Landis Valley Museum “Civil War Days” – Lancaster, PA  – July 2019

Shenandoah ’64 – Virginia – October 2019 – click for the photo page

Video/photo montage of the NR at Shenandoah ’64 –

School of Instruction – Gettysburg 2020
Near the beginning of each year, the National Regiment holds a 2-day training session to help its members get the ‘winter rust’ off and ready for the new campaign season. Past topics have included cleaning your musket, bayonet drill, packing your knapsack or bedroll, tentage, ground coverings, period edged weapons, period cooking, and more. Below are some photos from the 2020 class.



Camp of Instruction – Ft. McHenry 2019
Each year, the NR holds a Camp of Instruction to help put what we learned at the School of Instruction into practice out in the field.

Remembrance Day Parade – Gettysburg 2019

Various other events from 2019

An interview with the Colonel: